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Day of the Dead Iridescent Skull Silver Bullet Pendant Necklace

  • $ 3000

I combined a blue chalcedony crystal with a recycled 357 Sig silver bullet shell casing. I added a jeweled silver skull to the shell casing. This comes with a 24 inch silver filled chain. The skull is decorated with iridescent aurora borealis crystal rhinestones.

The Day of the Dead is a festival celebrated annually to honor the spirits of departed ancestors and beloved friends. It is believed that these spirits return on Dia de los Muertos to join in the celebration and partake of earthly pleasures such as food, drink, and tobacco. Originally celebrated only in Mexico, this holiday has spread out to other countries where Mexican nationals have relocated.

Human skulls have a greater visual appeal than the other bones of the human skeleton, and can fascinate even as they repel. Our present society predominantly associates skulls with death and evil. However, to some ancient societies it is believed to have had the opposite association, where objects like crystal skulls represented life.

The Celts saw the skull as the seat of power and the house of the soul. Skulls are the main symbol of the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. The skull was often carved on early New England tombstones as a symbol of mortality, but the skull was often backed by a pair of wings, perhaps an indication of immortality as well.

An original Beautiful Bullets design. I have been creating bullet jewelry since 2009 and have designed over one hundred different styles and types. I use recycled bullet shell casings, metal filigrees, Swarovski crystals, natural gemstones, and vintage glass. All of the bullet casings I use are recycled so please allow for variations and small imperfections.

Part of the proceeds is donated to charity. I have sent donations to the Peace Corps, the Patriot Guard Riders, the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, and the USO. Thanks to everyone who has purchased one of these designs and made that possible.

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