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Antique Watch Works Scarab and Rose Steampunk Pendant

  • $ 5000

I attached an antique pocket watch works, complete with brass gears, to an etched silver plated pocket watch back and inserted a coin silver collar to hold it in place. I then added a vintage Czech glass green scarab beetle, an ivory bone rose cabochon, a vintage glass bat, opal glass, a silver wing , and a dangling moon and star charm. This comes with a 24 inch antiqued silver rope chain.

The Egyptians regarded the scarab as sacred because it signified new life. The scarab beetle was a symbol of Khepera, the rising sun god. The beetle moves from east to west which mimics the path of the divine god Ra as he rolls across the sky each day. For this reason, the scarab was also seen as a symbol of the heavenly cycle of rebirth and regeneration.

The rose can represent a clandestine meeting. The term "sub rosa" means "under the rose" and comes from the Roman practice of hanging a rose over a meeting place as a symbol of secrecy.

Bats are often called Guardians of the Night. They symbolize death and rebirth. Because they are seen as magically powerful, they often served as protection against evil. In ancient Europe, it was believed that the human soul took the form of a bat as it left the body during sleep. This was probably the origin of the vampire myth. The bat as a totem represents the ability to discover hidden messages and to see the truth in other people.

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