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Autumn Harvest Samhain Copper Acorn Pendant

  • $ 2500

A copper acorn capped with a gold cap, with brass leaves, a pewter pine cone, and tiny red glass berries. This comes with a 24 inch antiqued silver chain. A great pendant for harvest and Samhain festivities.

Samhain is a celebration of both light and dark. The New Year begins on Samhain in Celtic tradition, but it also marks the end of harvest and the start of winter. In times past, witches gave one another acorns as gifts. This was a secret way of telling the other person that you were a witch. Acorns come from the oak and to the ancient Celts it was one of the most sacred of trees. Acorns are symbols of friendship, values, protection, and growth.

The use of copper dates back nearly 10,000 years. It was probably the first metal to be used for decorative items and also weapons. Ancient Egyptians developed copper-working techniques as early as 3900 BC.

Copper has long been associated with healing. Many people believe copper can be used to conduct energy between crystals and individuals and can improve psychic communication.

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