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Compass Rose Gold Enamel Token Pendant Necklace

  • $ 3000

I attached a gold enamel compass rose token to a gold plated bezel setting. I added vintage brass gears to the bail along with gemstone beads in blue sodalite, green aventurine, and red poppy jasper. This comes with a 24 inch gold plated chain.

The Compass Rose has been used since ancient times. An early version had 12 points and was called Rose of the Winds, each point representing a direction of the wind. As maps became more accurate, more points were added to accurately guide sailors. It eventually had 32 points at equal distances around the circle and because it looked like the flower, it was named Compass Rose. Sailors often wore a Compass Rose tattoo for guidance and good fortune.

There are four cardinal directions which point to the north, south, west and the east. The design features the four cardinal directions, north, south, west, and east. There is an ornate star in the center which represents the North Star, a principal navigation tool. The Compass Rose symbolizes a sense of purpose or direction. It can mean positive change and forward thinking. It may also be interpreted as looking both backward into the past, and forward into the future.

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