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Green Phantom Quartz Sphere Triquetra Pendant

  • $ 3000

I combined a natural hand cut and polished green phantom landscape 14mm sphere bead with a silver triquetra charm. This comes with a 24 inch antiqued silver chain.

Because of the chlorite inclusions inside of them, green phantom beads each have a unique view, like looking into a miniature landscape.

Green chlorite inclusions combined with quartz is a powerful healing tool. Chlorite has purifying properties and the quartz helps to amplify them. Chlorite can clear the aura and aids in managing excessive anger and frustration. It dissipates negative energy, and this allows for a peaceful solution and the ability to move forward. Chlorite is also a good stone to use for cleansing your space at home or work.

Legend says that green phantoms can grant the wearer access to alternate realms. Whether this is actually true or not, green phantoms do represent the earth element and can provide grounding and stability. This is something you might need to facilitate your return to the here and now.

Green is a color that represents nature and the earth. It is helpful in alleviating stress and tension. The calming aspect of green phantom can sooth inner turmoil and ease emotional scars. The natural grounding properties will keep you focused and increase productivity.

The triquetra is a design symbol which was first used in Celtic or Gaelic art, most notably in the Book of Kells and other illuminated manuscripts. It is also known as the trinity knot and has been used for centuries by both Celtic Pagans and Christians. It can signify a special person or thing, and can also represent a threefold figure or idea. In contemporary times it often used in jewelry designs and it symbolizes the three promises of a relationship - love, honor and protection.

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