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Kaleidoscope Swarovski Crystal Silver Dragonfly Pendant Necklace

  • $ 3500

I have taken a miniature silver chrome prism kaleidoscope with tiny iridescent glass spheres placed inside, and added a Swarovski aurora borealis teardrop crystal and an oxidized silver dragonfly. This comes with a 24 inch silver filled chain. A different view of the world through a prism lens.

The name kaleidoscope was coined in 1817 by Sir David Brewster, a Scottish inventor. It is derived from the ancient Greek phrase "kalos eidos skopeo", which means "to see beautiful forms".

Brewster was conducting experiments on light polarization when he invented the kaleidoscope. Manufacturing began in 1817, and it proved to be such a success that 200,000 kaleidoscopes were sold in London and Paris in just three months. It was originally intended as a scientific tool, but was later copied as a toy.

Dragonfly symbolism is used in many cultures. Common symbolic meanings include renewal and a positive life force. Dragonflies can represent a sense of self that comes with age and maturity. Also, as a creature of the wind, the dragonfly often represents change and rebirth. Because a dragonfly lives such a short life, it must live its life to the fullest, which is a lesson we each need to learn.

Dragonflies are often seen as symbols of courage, strength, joy and light. Some Native traditions believe them to be the souls of those who have crossed over. Faeries are said to ride upon their backs.

Swarovski Crystals are considered by many people to be the finest quality crystals made. They are ground with such precision that they sparkle as brilliantly as diamonds. Swarovski Crystal is unmatched in quality and distinction.

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