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Natural Golden Tiger's Eye Gemstone Crystal Ball Pendant

  • $ 3000

I capped a natural tiger's eye gemstone ball with a silver plated cap and added a 24 inch silver chain. The ball has bands of reflective golden color and is approximately 20mm in diameter. Can be worn as a pendant, used as a pendulum, or place in a sunny window to reflect the light.

Tiger's Eye is primarily composed of silicon dioxide and is colored mainly by iron oxide. It exhibits a changing luster from light reflection. Tiger 's Eye gems are generally cut as cabochons, but are also used as round beads in jewelry.

Tiger's Eye is said to help convert anxiety, fear, and obsession into practicality and logic. It increases confidence and is an aid to achieving clarity. It is beneficial when working with groups. Tiger's Eye is used for protection when traveling, and for protecting cars and other forms of transportation. It can enhance the ability to acquire wealth.

Tiger's Eye can release tension and inhibitions. It is considered soothing to the body and can strengthen bones and joints, and it can also help alleviate stomach ulcers. Legend says that if you keep a Tiger's Eye in your wallet, you will never be penniless.

Tiger's eye it is mined primarily in South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, and Australia.

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