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Natural Polished Shungite Wire Wrapped Stone Pendant

  • $ 3000

I wrapped a natural polished Russian Shungite black stone with silver wire and added a 24 inch silver chain.

Shungite is an ancient composite rock formation that was first discovered in the Karelian region of Russia near a small village called Shunga. The local residents have always had legends and stories about the mysterious restorative powers of the black stone. Shungite is a naturally occurring substance that has a carbon base. It is made up of many different elements including fullerenes which are cylindrical or spherical atomic structures named in honor of Buckminster Fuller. Shungite is thought to have been formed millions of years ago from petroleum and other sediments. It contains inclusions of many other different types of elements and minerals.

Shungite is said to have strong natural healing properties. These can include air and water purification, absorption of negative substances and protection and shielding from electric, magnetic, radiant and other energies. It is claimed to be an antioxidant and to have anti-inflammatory effects. It can increase resistance to illness and boost the immune system.

Metaphysically speaking, Shungite is a calming stone that can increase positive energies and help relieve stress and anxiety. It is a good stone to use for grounding spiritual energy and creating an aura of psychic protection. It can heal emotionally damaged people and help them to develop trust and understanding so they can move forward.

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