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Natural Teal Dioptase Gemstone Crystal Pendant Necklace

  • $ 3250

I attached a sterling silver spiral wire bail to a natural dark teal dioptase crystal. This comes with a 24 inch silver filled chain. Dioptase is a soft mineral and a certain amount of care should be taken when wearing it. There is a slight color change between blue and green depending on light source and background.

Dioptase is a copper based mineral that is dark teal to emerald green in color. It is transparent to translucent. Its name comes from the Greek dia which means through and optos which means visible. This is in reference to the stone's dual cleavage properties. It is found in Namibia, Kazakhstan, Argentina, and the United States.

Dioptase has a deep vibration that resonates compassion and forgiveness in the heart chakra. It has the ability to help you connect to your higher self and your true soul. It is often used to help recover past life memories and can make you aware of mistakes that might be preventing you from moving forward. It may help to release the negative karma that surrounds you. Dioptase can aid in changing the way you look at relationships and then let you see the best way to mend or end them. It is a healing stone that can soothe anger and give you a sense of well being and better understanding.

Stones listed as natural, raw, or rough may have some imperfections and inclusions. Be sure to check all photos, including the zoom feature, for details about a particular stone. Please see photo with ruler for size. Colors may vary with individual monitors.

Many stones are susceptible to fading, and they should be kept out of direct sunlight. Do not use hot water or salt water to clean them. Stone properties and descriptions are for informational purposes only and do not offer any guaranteed outcomes. Also, they are not intended as a substitute for medical care.

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