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Rainbow Obsidian Large Crystal Ball Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace

  • $ 3750

I wrapped a large natural rainbow obsidian crystal ball with silver aluminum wire in a spiral pattern. This comes with a 24 inch silver plated chain. The obsidian is approximately 1 inch (25mm) in diameter. Rainbow obsidian is volcanic glass and has a cat's eye effect that is caused by light refraction from microscopic air bubbles. This causes the iridescent multicolor bullseye when the stone is exposed to light. It is also called the Eye of Heaven.

Rainbow obsidian is a very protective stone and is useful for grounding. It can help heal emotional traumas and give you the strength to break the ties from the past that have been hurting you. It brings hope and optimism into your life and is useful in clearing negative energy. Rainbow obsidian aids in cleansing your sacred space and keeping your mind more focused on new goals. Keep one with you to reinforce the positive influences around you.

In Victorian times black jewelry was often used to indicate a period of mourning, but modern meanings can vary. Black glass objects are often used as divination tools. The color black absorbs negative energy and can be used as protection from external influences. In the psychology of color, black can represent power and independence.

Stones listed as natural, raw, or rough may have some imperfections and inclusions. Be sure to check all photos, including the zoom feature, for details about a particular stone. Please see photo with ruler for size. Colors may vary with individual monitors.

Many stones are susceptible to fading, and they should be kept out of direct sunlight. Do not use hot water or salt water to clean them. Stone properties and descriptions are for informational purposes only and do not offer any guaranteed outcomes. Also, they are not intended as a substitute for medical care.

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