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Vintage Moroccan Franc Star Coin Pendant

  • $ 2500

A vintage 1951 Moroccan Franc coin set inside a vintage silver plated coin bezel setting. I added tiny pewter stars to the bail and a 24 inch silver chain.

The coin was a one year issue from the Paris mint, and was struck in an alloy of aluminum and bronze. It is 24mm in diameter and weighs 4 grams. The 1371 Moroccan calendar date on the obverse translates to the time period of 1951-1952 in the Gregorian calendar. It features a pentagram star set inside a cornucopia design. The reverse has the coin value, a wing privy mark, and the engraver's name, J. Hainaut. The Franc was used as currency in French Morocco from 1927 to 1962.

The star is a symbol of balance in the way that each element balances with the other. The upward point represents spirit. The other four points each represent an element; earth, air, fire, and water. The ancient Greeks believed that all of these reside in everything.

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