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London Blue Quartz Crystal Filigree Silver Bullet Pendant

  • $ 3500

I attached an antiqued silver filigree to a recycled 32 caliber silver bullet shell casing, and added a London blue quartz crystal gemstone point. This comes with a 24 inch silver chain.

London blue quartz is a lab grown quartz that is created using a hydrothermal process. It has identical properties to natural quartz crystal and cobalt has been added to create the beautiful blue color.

London blue quartz enhances visualization and meditation techniques and is often used by psychics. It has a calming influence and can help dampen excess energy and noise. London blue quartz can also be used as a past life regression tool.

Some people have the misconception that a man-made stone is less effective than a natural gemstone when used in a metaphysical sense. This isn't really true. Because lab grown or man-made gemstones are made up of the same chemical compounds as most natural occurring gemstones, there is little difference in their mineral properties.

From the ISG:
"Creating gemstones in a lab is an art that must be learned and perfected using imagination and skill. Lab created gemstones are not imitations, they are newly created gemstones that are of the same make up as the mined gemstones. So by definition, gemstones created in a lab cannot be called synthetic because rather than imitate a gemstone...they ARE gemstones.

It fact, quartz has been hydrothermally grown for the electronics industry since the time of World War II. As a result the perfection of the crystal growth is so refined that the ability to identify hydrothermal quartz is virtually impossible without scientific equipment."

From the GIA:
"The hydrothermal growth process is slow and expensive. But it’s the only method for successfully growing created quartz. This process requires heat and pressure that mimics the conditions deep in the earth, resulting in the formation of natural gems. Nutrients are dissolved in a water solution, and then the crystals form as the solution cools."

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