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Spiral Galaxy Blown Glass 3D Blue Elemental Necklace

  • $ 5000

I have used a hand blown 3D spiral galaxy glass pendant as the focus for this elemental necklace. Also included are vintage Czech glass shaded leaf beads, night sky blue glass beads, silver spirals, moons, and stars on a gunmetal 26 inch curb chain.

Blue is associated with the element of water. The water element represents the calm sea that brings us peace, but can also be stormy and ever changing. The spiritual significance of water is many dimensional, like the sea itself. The sea represents ebb and flow, waves and calm, a constant balance of new beginnings and life's lessons.

Water personalities are sensitive and caring people. They are often natural healers.

The color blue is often used as a calming influence, and can help to clear mental confusion.It encourages wisdom, patience, and understanding.

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