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Tiffany Stone Natural Violet Opal Fluorite Pendant Necklace

  • $ 3000

I wrapped a natural opal fluorite Tiffany stone with sterling aluminum wire. The stone is violet, lavender, and white. This comes with a 24 inch silver filled chain.

Tiffany stone is a rare stone that is only found in Utah. It was originally a by-product from the Brush Wellman beryllium mine. The mine is now closed to collectors, so the only material available is old stock. I was fortunate enough to acquire some of this.

Tiffany stone is known by many names including Bertrandite, opal fluorite, purple jasper, or purple opal. It is actually composed of Bertrandite, quartz, opal, fluorite, agate, opalized fluorite, and chalcedony. The most desired colors are shades of purple, lavender, and violet.

Tiffany stone is a high energy stone that can enhance spiritual communication, mental clarity, and psychic intuition. It is an excellent tool to use in meditation, channeling, and past lives discovery. Tiffany stone brings emotional strength and endurance, and can aid in letting go of past injuries both mental and physical. It can often send you in the direction that you need to go, and will boost your self esteem to give you the confidence needed for new endeavors.

Stones listed as natural, raw, or rough may have some imperfections and inclusions. Be sure to check all photos, including the zoom feature, for details about a particular stone. Please see photo with ruler for size. Tiffany stone will fade if left in bright sunlight, like other types of fluorite. Colors may vary with individual monitors.

Many stones are susceptible to fading, and they should be kept out of direct sunlight. Do not use hot water or salt water to clean them. Stone properties and descriptions are for informational purposes only and do not offer any guaranteed outcomes. Also, they are no

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