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Silver Bird's Nest Cloisonne Egg Red Heart Wreath Pendant

  • $ 2850

I wrapped a vintage oxidized silver plated 24mm mesh wreath ring with brass wire. I then added a cloisonne flowered egg, tiny brass leaves, Swarovski crystals in siam red and vitral medium finish, a silver bird, and a vintage red glass heart. This comes with a 24 inch silver plated chain.

The word wreath is from the English word wrethe which means to twist into a circle. Traditionally it was placed in a window or on the front door as an invitation for the holiday spirits to enter. Although the origins vary, many cultures used the circular wreath as a symbol of good fortune. It represents eternity and the circle of life. At Christmas and Yule, wreaths are often made from evergreens to symbolize growth and rebirth.

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