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Copper Watch Dragonfly Butterfly Steampunk Pendant

  • $ 3250

I started with a vintage copper plated watch dial and attached it to a copper filigree back. I added a brass dragonfly charm, with Fire Opal Swarovski crystals, and tiny dangles that include a copper circle with star cut out, a brass key, a copper heart charm, and a gold plated butterfly. This comes with a 24 inch copper plated chain.

The use of copper dates back nearly 10,000 years. It was probably the first metal to be used for decorative items and also weapons. Ancient Egyptians developed copper-working techniques as early as 3900 BC. Copper has long been associated with healing. Many people believe copper can be used to conduct energy between crystals and individuals and can improve psychic communication.

Butterflies symbolize rebirth and profound changes of the soul. With each metamorphosis they bring renewed hope for the spirit and transformation of knowledge into new ways of thinking.

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