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Frosted Blue Mermaid Glass Silver Shell Pendant Necklace

  • $ 3000

I set a frosted blue mermaid glass cabochon inside a silver plated bezel, and the reverse side has a tiny silver sand dollar. I added it to a silver plated circular setting and then attached a silver seashell and an iridescent glass mermaid tear. This comes with an 18 inch silver filled rope chain.

Some legends say that mermaids were once inhabitants of Atlantis. They were thought to be shapeshifters and were able to slip back and forth between human and mermaid form. In other folklore they often were considered to be harbingers of bad luck or disaster. However there are many cultures that believe mermaids are more benevolent, and they are depicted as helpful creatures. Many sailors claimed to have been lured to their destruction, only to escape at the last minute. Others claim to have been given secret information about the location of sunken treasure by mermaids.

Mermaids are associated with the element of water. They represent transformation and growth. They follow the rhythms of the sea and just like the tide, can be influenced by the moon. Shades of blue are used in mermaid symbolism to depict the spiritual water element. As a mythical entity, mystery surrounds them, and there are numerous tales of mermaid encounters.

Seashells have been used metaphysically for thousands of years. Ancient cultures believed natural objects such as shells held spiritual energy and magical powers. They were used as charms and for rituals and divination. Because they come from the sea, shells are associated with the element of water. They can be used to draw desired things into your life.

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