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Galaxy Watchworks Celestial Steampunk Pendant

  • $ 3750

I used a vintage etched half moon shaped Century pocketwatch part and attached Swarovski aurora borealis crystals, a watch spring with cobalt blue crystal, a captured opal cabochon inside a watch wheel, and a small gear with a black diamond rhinestone. I then added a small silver plated star and a dangling Saturn silver plated charm. This comes with a 24 inch anitgued silver plated rope chain.

I love doing altered art pieces. I like the idea of being able to recycle vintage items and turn them into something entirely different. I find this style of design unusual and intriguing.

Combining mechanical items like vintage watch parts with items like crystals is something that I think makes each item stand out, and yet be a part of the whole Steampunk creation. 

Many of the items I use are in vintage or antique condition and may show a small amount of wear. Although I have tried to eliminate all sharp edges, some of these pieces may still retain edges due to the nature of the objects used in the jewelry such as gears, etc. Wear with care.

Opals are known for their unique display of flashing rainbow colors called play-of-color. The areas within an opal that produce a play-of-color are made up of sub-microscopic spheres of silica arranged in a grid-like pattern. As light passes through the spheres it is diffracted into the colors of the spectrum. The size of the spheres and their packed geometric pattern determine the quality of light and the fiery colors of the opal.

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