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Gibeon Meteorite Silver Moon and Star Celestial Pendant Necklace

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I attached a round piece of Gibeon meteorite to an oxidized silver plated copper crescent moon. I edged it with natural pyrite crystals and added a silver pewter star dangle. This comes with a 24 inch silver plated rope chain. Now you can own a piece of a star.

Gibeon meteorites were discovered in Namibia, Africa in 1836. The debris field covers an area approximately 70 by 230 miles, which makes it is one of the largest in the world. The meteorites varied in size from a few grams to over 1000 pounds. Radiometric testing dates the metal at 4 billions years old. They probably come from broken asteroid fragments or an exploded star.

Gibeon meteorites are composed mostly of iron and nickel, as well as cobalt and phosphorus. The crystals also contain Thomson structures or Widmanstatten patterns, which consist of interwoven fine bands of kamacite and taennite.

Gibeon is highly conductive and stimulates the flow of energy. It can aid in spiritual development and is helpful with meditation and in making psychic connections. It is often used for channeling, dream work, and past life exploration. Gibeon is a very protective stone and works well for grounding and releasing energy. Keep a piece in your home or workplace for stability and security.

Pyrite was used by ancient Mayans and Aztecs as a scrying stone. It was considered a powerful stone and was often used in divination and healing rituals. Pyrite is believed to attract good fortune and prosperity. Because it forms cubes and other polygons, believers in sacred geometry consider it of cosmic significance as well.

Stones listed as natural, raw, or rough may have some imperfections and inclusions. Be sure to check all photos, including the zoom feature, for details about a particular stone. Please see photo with ruler for size. Colors may vary with individual monitors.

Many stones are susceptible to fading, and they should be kept out of direct sunlight. Do not use hot water or salt water to clean them. Stone properties and descriptions are for informational purposes only and do not offer any guaranteed outcomes. Also, they are not intended as a substitute for medical care. 

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