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Goldstone Witch Hat Broom Black Cat Silver Bullet Jewelry Pendant

  • $ 3500

I combined a recycled 45 caliber silver bullet shell casing with a polished goldstone point. I attached a pewter broom to the casing and a pewter witch hat to the top of the shell casing. I then added a vintage black glass cat bead to the bail. this comes with a 24 inch antiqued silver plated rope chain. A great pendant for Fall and Halloween.

Brooms represent new beginnings. The expression "a clean sweep" manifests as both symbolic and literal. In Roman times, Midwives often used a special broom to sweep the house after a child was born, to repel evil from the mother and baby. A broom was also hung above the door to keep out any unwanted people or energies. Metaphysically the broom is used for clearing energy and brushing away negative influences.

Cats represent independence, curiosity, mystery, and sensuality. In Ancient Egypt cats were worshiped as gods, and the Goddess Bast takes the form of a cat. There is magic and beauty in your life if you share it with a cat.

Goldstone is a type of glittering glass made in the presence of a reducing flame. The most common form of goldstone is reddish-brown, due to the presence of tiny crystals of metallic copper. This is a man-made stone first created in the 15th century by alchemists trying to make gold.

Goldstone is used to draw money, especially through commerce or the collection of monies owed, and is often used in money spells. By attracting positive energies, goldstone encourages a positive attitude and reduces tension.

Goldstone protects the center of the body and it stimulates you physically. It may stabilize emotions, and revitalize and energize the entire body. It can also help to keep you grounded. It is said that goldstone assists in astral travel.

An original Beautiful Bullets design. I have been creating bullet jewelry since 2009 and have designed over one hundred different styles and types. I use recycled bullet shell casings, metal filigrees, Swarovski crystals, natural gemstones, and vintage glass. All of the bullet casings I use are recycled so please allow for variations and small imperfections.

Part of the proceeds is donated to charity. I have sent donations to the Peace Corps, the Patriot Guard Riders, the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, and the USO. Thanks to everyone who has purchased one of these designs and made that possible.

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