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Iridescent Ammolite Ancient Seashell Crystal Jewelry Pendant

  • $ 3000

I attached a silver wire spiral bail to a composite piece of natural iridescent fossilized ammonite shell. This comes with a 24 inch silver filled chain. It has flashes of color in green, blue, gold, and pink. It also has a pattern of tiny bubbles that look like stars, making it look like the sky at dusk.

Ammolite gemstone is actually the fossilized shell of of an extinct marine mollusk called ammonite. The sea creature was similar to a squid or octopus. The gemstones have an iridescent play of color that occurred when the shell was replaced by minerals and became fossilized. Like opals, the color is caused when light passes through the microscopic stacked geometric grid pattern of shell platelets and is diffracted into the colors of the spectrum. Most examples of ammolite are thin layers of color that are glued with epoxy to a dark stone background of matrix or shell. These composite stones are called doublets. Resin is often used to protect the thin top layer from damage.

Ammolite contains healing vibrations that can convert negative energy into more positive feelings. It is a good stone to use with meditation and can awaken feelings of higher consciousness and awareness. It may assist with overcoming trauma and other emotional issues from the past, both in this life and in older ones. Ammolite brings good luck and prosperity to many aspects of your life. Reiki healers often use it to improve energy flow and for detoxification of both mind and body. Wear one to improve your mood and lift your spirits.

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