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Light Up Blue Vintage Vacuum Tube Steampunk Pendant

  • $ 4000

I attached a blue LED light to a vintage small vacuum tube and wrapped it with silver aluminum wire. This comes with a 24 inch antiqued silver plated chain. The LED light is powered by cell batteries. It can be worn with the light turned off as well. Twisting the bail at the top will turn the light on or off. I will include an extra set of batteries with your purchase. A great Steampunk necklace to wear for nighttime parties, cosplay affairs, and festivals. You're sure to be noticed wearing this striking pendant.

The color blue creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and can be used to enhance mental and physical serenity. It often builds confidence and self-assurance. Blue brings inspiration and creativity to many types of projects and is useful to writers and artists. Wear blue when you know there is a hard day ahead to give you a positive outlook and a cool head.

Vacuum tubes were invented in 1904 by John Fleming. For approximately 50 years, they were the basic component used in electronics such as radios, television sets, radar, sound recording, telephone networks, and analog computers. It was the vacuum tube that made these technologies practical and universal. The invention of transistors made it feasible to produce smaller and more efficient devices, and vacuum tubes were eventually replaced.

Combining vintage parts with items like modern LED lights is something that I think makes each item stand out, and yet be a part of the whole Steampunk creation. I like the idea of being able to recycle vintage items and turn them into something new. It is recycling in its finest form.

Many of the items I use are in vintage or antique condition and may show a small amount of wear. Although I have tried to eliminate all sharp edges, some of these pieces may still retain edges due to the nature of the objects used in the jewelry such as gears, etc. Wear with care.

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