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Moon Maiden Vintage Watch Works Moonstone Steampunk Jewelry Pendant

  • $ 3250

I attached an oxidized silver moon maiden charm and a moonstone crystal cabochon to a vintage deconstructed watch works with ruby jewels and brass gears. I set it inside a silver plated lace bezel and added a 24 inch antiqued silver plated chain.

The Waxing Moon represents the Maiden Goddess, and is a time for new beginnings. This aspect can bring positive change, creative influences, and good fortune.

Moonstone helps with emotional stress problems and aids with feminine energy. It is believed to bring good fortune and to balance yin/yang. Legend says that Moonstone is a highly prized gift for lovers as it arouses tender passion.

Moonstone was used in jewelry by the Romans who believed that the stone was formed from the light of the moon. It is also a talisman of good fortune. In ancient times, it was thought that the future could be foretold if you held the stone in your mouth during a full moon. It absorbs negativity, promotes confidence and psychic opening.

Moonstone is a very personal stone. It is a reflection of the person who wears it, and only shows the true self. It is known as the mother stone and is sacred to the Goddess.

Moonstone is found in many countries including Burma, Sri Lanka, Norway, and Canada.

Combining mechanical items like vintage watch parts with items like crystals is something that I think makes each item stand out, and yet be a part of the whole Steampunk creation. I like the idea of being able to recycle vintage items and turn them into something new. It is recycling in its finest form.

Many of the items I use are in vintage or antique condition and may show a small amount of wear. Although I have tried to eliminate all sharp edges, some of these pieces may still retain edges due to the nature of the objects used in the jewelry such as gears, etc. Wear with care.

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