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Moss Agate Mandala Disc Earth Element Pendant

  • $ 3000

I have used a large moss agate coin bead and attached a silver plated mandala circle design to it. I then added a moss agate leaf companion bead. This comes with a 24 inch antiqued silver rope chain.

Moss agate has a connection with nature and the element of earth, and is seen as a grounding stone. It has been used for centuries in ritual and healing. It is said to have the ability to reduce sensitivity to pollution and allergies.

In ancient times it was often used to promote a successful garden, find hidden food plants in times of need, and to protect against dangerous weather conditions.

The word mandala loosely translated means "circle." A mandala shows a balance of visual shapes which symbolize harmony and unity, as well as a sense of cosmic order. The purpose of the design of a mandala is to absorb the mind and bring about a higher state of meditation.

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