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Natural Seashell Spiral Beads Pendant Necklace

  • $ 2500

A natural carved ball seashell filled with aqua blue resin, combined with a silver wire wrapped choco seashell spiral twist bead. This comes with a 24 inch silver filled chain. The resin glows bright green under ultraviolet light. The choco shell has beige and brown markings.

Seashells have been used metaphysically for thousands of years. Ancient cultures believed natural objects such as shells held spiritual energy and magical powers. They were used as charms and for rituals and divination. Because they come from the sea, shells are associated with the element of water. They can be used to draw desired things into your life.

The elemental symbol of water represents creativity and rebirth. It manifests itself as the ebb and flow of our existence. The sea was the first source of all life on earth, and we continue to discover new life forms from the depths of the ocean.

The color blue is associated with the element of water. The spiritual significance of water is many dimensional, like the sea itself. The sea represents ebb and flow, waves and calm, a constant balance of new beginnings and life's lessons.

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