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Orange Dichroic Glass Fall Leaves Acorn Pendant Necklace

  • $ 2950

I attached an orange dichroic glass cabochon inside a silver plated and brass lace double bezel setting, and then added brass leaves, silver acorns, and a tiny yellow agate berry. This comes with an 24 inch antiqued silver plated chain.

Acorns come from the oak and to the ancient Celts it was one of the most sacred of trees. Acorns are symbols of friendship, values, protection, and growth. They are said to give good luck, prosperity and new beginnings. Acorns are often used in baby keepsakes to represent something tiny and small that will grow into something great and mighty.

Agate is a type of quartz that belongs to the chalcedony family and comes in many different colors. Agate is a power stone good for grounding and stability. It is also a stone of dreams and intuition and can help you to find your natural talents.

Yellow agate can be used for grounding and balance. It can offer strength, protection and support. It aids in the restoration of energy and can help to ward off anger and bitterness. The sunny color can bring the wearer happiness and health.

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