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Pink Ruby Gemstone Bullet Jewelry Pendant

  • $ 3000

A recycled 25 caliber brass bullet shell casing holds a raw pink ruby gemstone. This comes with a 24 inch gold plated chain.

Next to diamonds, rubies are the hardest gemstones. Rubies are composed of corundum, and corundum comes in a variety of colors. Legend says that rubies will change color according to the health of the wearer. This story probably originates from the fact that rubies and sapphires (both Corundums) come in a variety colors.

Most rubies are mined in Myanmar, formerly Burma, and other parts of Asia and Africa. Some high quality rubies have recently been found in Kenya.

The ruby is a symbol of friendship and love when given as a gift. To own a ruby is to have contentment and peace. Some gemstone healers suggest you place a ruby under your pillow to ward off bad dreams and improve lucid dreaming.

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