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Quartz Point with Blue and Purple Fluorite Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendant

  • $ 3450

I attached blue and purple fluorite crystals to a natural quartz crystal point, and then wrapped the quartz with blue aluminum wire. This comes with a 24 inch silver chain.

Quartz crystal is the most abundant gemstone in the earth's crust. It is found on every continent. Clear quartz is considered a power stone and can enhance the metaphysical properties of other stones. Quartz Crystal has a similar vibration as humans. Using a crystal to meditate and wearing or keeping a crystal helps to a better understanding of yourself.

Quartz amplifies and directs energy and builds energy pathways. It can strengthen the energies of anything it is put with, and can be used to channel energy and send it out to other stones. The resonating quality is the reason that quartz was originally used in radios and other transmitters, and manufactured crystals are still used in electronic devices today.

Many samples of fluorite glow under ultraviolet light. It enhances spiritual energy work, focuses the will and balances the psyche. Fluorite helps in aligning all the chakras, and it is a powerful healing stone. The focus of the healing may be emotional, physical, spiritual, etc., depending upon the color of the fluorite. It fortifies bones and can improve joint ailments. It increases concentration and helps with decision making. It is said to absorb and neutralize negative vibrations.

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