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Que Sera Natural Llanite Stone Crystal Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace

  • $ 3750

I wrapped a natural polished que sera stone with square silver and copper wire. This comes with a 24 inch silver filled chain.

Que sera stone is also known as Llanite, due to the location in Llano County Texas where it is found. It is a type of rhyolite that often includes blue quartz, feldspar plagioclase, fluorite, magnetite, liberite, biotite, and ilmenite. It is thought to be from the Mesoproterozoic Era which makes it approximately 1 billion years old. It has similar geological traits to minerals found in North Africa. This is because when earth contained only the supercontinent Pangaea, Africa was co-joined with Texas. The blue color of the quartz is most likely attributed to ilmenite, which contains titanium. Ilmenite has also been found in Moon rocks.

The que sera crystal has an unusual vibration most likely due to its metamorphic properties. This is a great stone to use in meditation because it has a strong spiritual energy. It can stimulate psychic abilities and is helpful with channeling and past life work. It can aid in understanding and interpreting emotions and hidden feelings. Llanite is useful in promoting cooperation and partnership. Carry one in your pocket when interacting with groups to encourage a calm and happy environment. It may help to balance the highs and lows that are often felt during stressful times. Because of the quartz content, this crystal interacts quite well with other stones and can amplify and easily transmit energy between them.

Stones listed as natural, raw, or rough may have some imperfections and inclusions. Be sure to check all photos, including the zoom feature, for details about a particular stone. Please see photo with ruler for size. Colors may vary with individual monitors.

Many stones are susceptible to fading, and they should be kept out of direct sunlight. Do not use hot water or salt water to clean them. Stone properties and descriptions are for informational purposes only and do not offer any guaranteed outcomes. Also, they are not intended as a substitute for medical care.

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