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Rhodochrosite Polished Gemstone Wire Wrapped Pendant

  • $ 2600

A polished rhodochrosite cabochon bead wrapped with silver plated copper wire. This comes with a 24 inch 925 silver filled chain.

The pink color of Rhodochrosite is caused by the element manganese and it is formed when manganese is dissolved by ground water and combines with a carbonate material and then drips off the ceiling of caves and crevices deep underground. Rhodochrosite occurs as a manganese mineral in the silver mines.

Its powers include drawing love to the wearer and it helps to release past psychological issues. It inspires forgiveness, heals emotional scars, and attracts love. It also helps one face reality and new situations. Rhodochrosite is thought to relieve stress and is used by healers to cleanse the aura. It is said to improve eyesight. The Incas believed that it is the blood of their former kings and queens that was turned to stone.

It is found in Argentina, Peru, and Romania. The Sweet Home Mine near Alma, Colorado produces the highly prized and rare red crystals which are found only in a few places on earth.

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