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Rose and Lavender Herbal Bullet Jewelry Pendant Necklace

  • $ 3000

I wrapped a bronze filigree around a recycled 32 caliber silver bullet shell casing, and attached a vintage porcelain enamel rose cabochon. I then added a glass cylinder with an herbal mix of lavender buds, rose petals, spearmint and peppermint leaves, lemon balm, and China black tea. This comes with a 24 inch gunmetal chain. A small extra bag of herbs will be included with your purchase.

Both rose and lavender have a calming effect on the mind, can reduce stress and sooth nerves. Mint is a good protective herb and is often used as a ward against illness and disease. Lemon balm is said to help with emotional pain and depression. Black tea is used metaphysically for strength and stability. Mint and black tea can be used in prosperity spells.

The rose can represent a clandestine meeting. The term "sub rosa" means "under the rose" and comes from the Roman practice of hanging a rose over a meeting place as a symbol of secrecy.

An original Beautiful Bullets design. I have been creating bullet jewelry since 2009 and have designed over a hundred different styles and types. I use recycled bullet shell casings, metal filigrees, Swarovski crystals, natural gemstones and vintage glass. All of the bullet casings I use are recycled so please allow for variations and small imperfections.

I started my bullet jewelry line as a peace project, and I continue to donate part of the sale to different charities. I have sent donations to the Peace Corps, the Patriot Guard Riders, the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, and the USO. Thanks to everyone who has purchased one of these designs and made that possible.

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