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Silver Tree of Life Green Variscite Stone Pendant Necklace

  • $ 3000

I combined a silver tree of life bead with a polished green variscite oval gemstone bead, and added a silver plated pine cone charm. This comes with a 24 inch silver filled chain.

The tree of life symbolism is seen in the mythologies of almost every civilization on earth. It is related to the sacred tree in both religious and philosophical traditions. While the tree of knowledge connects heaven to the underworld, the tree of life connects all living things. The tree symbolizes growth and renewal, and each new branch represents the continuing family lines for future generations.

Variscite, sometimes called sea jasper, is a fairly rare mineral that is often confused with chrysocolla or turquoise. It has a waxy luster and takes a good polish. It is found in the US, Australia, Germany, and Brazil. Much of it is stabilized for durability.

Variscite can help with past life work and astral travel, and is also known to ease depression and anxiety. It is a good meditation stone and can aid in balancing emotion with logic. It is said to increase self-reliance and moral courage.

Green is the color associated with the element of earth. It is the color of life and growth. The earth element symbolizes a solid foundation and roots deep within the soil, grounding and calming you. Earth represents fertility and stability. Pine cones symbolize growth and rebirth.

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