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Silver Wire Abstract Cat with Gemstone Bullet Pendant

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I made an abstract cat design out of silver wire and then hammered it flat. I used a glass cylinder vial and added found cat whiskers and tiny gemstones of emerald, tsavorite, and peridot. It is capped with a recycled 32 caliber silver bullet shell casing. The cap can be removed and you may add your own items. The bullet pendant is detachable, so the pendant can be worn as one piece, or as individual pendants. This comes with a 24 inch silver filled chain.

This can be used to hold your own tiny treasures such as crystals, beads, dried flowers, etc. It can also be used as a keepsake memorial pendant for ashes, and can be permanently sealed as well.

Finding a cat's whisker is a universal sign of good luck. It is said that Faeries use cat whiskers as thread to sew their tiny clothes and shoes.

Whiskers serve as delicate sense organs of touch and are the equivalent to our fingertips. These whiskers are sensitive to vibrations in air currents. As the air moves, the whiskers vibrate, and cats use messages in these vibrations to sense the size and shape of nearby objects without seeing or touching them.

Cats represent independence, curiosity, mystery, and sensuality. In Ancient Egypt cats were worshiped as gods, and the Goddess Bast takes the form of a cat. There is magic and beauty in your life if you share it with a cat.

The emerald gemstone is one of the many forms of Beryl and it is said to be the heart of Ireland. Emerald is a protection stone and it aids in success and prosperity. It is a stone of prophecy and the symbol of hope and preserving love.

One of the most sought after varieties of gem garnet is the fine green grossular garnet from Kenya and Tanzania called Tsavorite. Green garnet is a very passionate crystal that has a grounding effect, while increasing the feelings of the comforts of home.

Peridot is one of the few gemstones that comes in only one color. It is the only gemstone found in meteorites.Peridot has been used as a power stone for millennia. Its powers include health, protection, peace, and success.

An original Beautiful Bullets design. I have been creating bullet jewelry since 2009 and have designed over a hundred different styles and types. I use recycled bullet shell casings, metal filigrees, Swarovski crystals, natural gemstones and vintage glass. All of the bullet casings I use are recycled so please allow for variations and small imperfections.

I started my bullet jewelry line as a peace project, and I continue to donate part of the sale to different charities. I have sent donations to the Peace Corps, the Patriot Guard Riders, the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, and the USO. Thanks to everyone who has purchased one of these designs and made that possible.

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