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Sterling Silver Vintage Glass Bubble Locket Herkimer Diamonds Necklace

  • $ 6500

I added natural Herkimer diamond gemstone crystals to a sterling silver double sided glass locket. This comes with a vintage 18 inch 925 silver chain. The locket has bubble type glass that magnifies the crystals inside. It is 14mm in diameter and is unmarked, but tests as 925. The locket is in very good vintage condition. The chain is marked Italy 925.

Herkimer diamond is the name used for double-terminated quartz crystal gemstones found in Herkimer County, NY. Many of these crystals are extremely clear. Like other record keeper gemstones, Herkimer diamonds are thought to have the ability to hold ancient information that has been stored inside them.

In the past, Herkimer Diamonds were used for trade by Native Americans in the area. They considered the crystals to have great power and were seen as symbols of protection, prosperity, and good health. Historians now believe that Kanyenka, the name they used for their homeland, meant Valley of the Crystals.

Herkimer diamonds can be used for alignment between a person and their environment, or to create a bond with another person or group. They are thought by some traditions to be the most powerful of the quartz crystals. They are often used in meditation and past life recovery.

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