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Swarovski Crystal Moon Phase Dark Beads Necklace Pendant

  • $ 2500

I combined a clear Swarovski crystal moon with black and crystal beads, and midnight bicone Swarvoski spacer beads. This comes with a 24 inch silver filled rope chain. The black and crystal beads rotate on the bail to produce different moon phases effect.

The moon is associated with clairvoyance and intuition. Using the energy of the moon is something that comes naturally and easily. To wear or display the symbol of the moon means that you go with what you feel and can make decisions based on the enlightenment it brings.

The moon has different phases and those phases affect us in different ways. The full moon represents illumination, clarity, and openness. The crescent moon symbolizes new beginnings and dreams come true. The continuing cycles of the moon bring rebirth and renewal to us every month.

One of the definitions of a Black Moon is when there are two new Moons in a single month. The New Moon appears black in the night sky because there is no light from the Sun reflected on the Moon's surface. The Moon is lined up between the Sun and the Earth. This second moon is called a Black Moon or Dark Moon. Many people believe it is a good time to utilize the energy and power that is created by this event.

Swarovski Crystals are considered by many people to be the finest quality crystals made. They are ground with such precision that they sparkle as brilliantly as diamonds. Swarovski Crystal is unmatched in quality and distinction.

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