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Tanzanite Aura Indigo Quartz Crystal Ball Pendant

  • $ 3150

An indigo blue Tanzanite aura quartz crystal ball with a silver bead cap and a 24 inch silver chain. The sphere is 14mm in diameter.

The aura process starts with specially selected clear quartz crystal balls, which are heated in a vacuum chamber and infused with pure elements of gold, niobium, and the rare element indium. The process alters the original crystal, and a powerful alchemy is created between the the metals and the quartz. The result is a magical iridescent crystal bead. Tanzanite Aura quartz has a beautiful indigo blue color with purple and rainbow flash.

Tanzanite or Celestial aura crystals are created by the process of this molecular bonding. Indium was discovered in 1863 and named for the indigo blue line in its spectrum. Aura crystals enhance the properties of other gemstones and are good stones to use in crystal grids.

Tanzanite aura quartz can be used to help with communication in the astral plain and the angelic realm. It can aid in healing grief and connecting with those on the other side, as well as dreamworking. Aura crystals can enhance psychic understanding and intuition.

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