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Turquoise and Gemstone Planet Earth Celestial Pendant

  • $ 3250

A vintage turquoise globe bead with gemstone continents combined with a 3D rose gold moon with silver star. This comes with a 24 inch silver filled chain.

The globe bead has 14k gold trim and gemstone inlay including mother of pearl, Jasper, Agate, unakite, and aventurine. A little celestial pendant that can be worn for stargazing and other night time activities.

Turquoise has been used since ancient times as a talisman and a protection amulet. In many cultures it symbolized wealth and prosperity. Turquoise can bring peace and good fortune to your household. A gift of turquoise to a friend can protect them from negative energy and harmful intentions. As one of the oldest known gemstones, it carries timeless wisdom and age-old truths.

The moon and star symbols have been used together for thousands of years by many different cultures. What better way for ancient people to bring their gods down from the heavens and hold them close to worship and cherish. These bright celestial bodies that stood in the sky night after night represented both consistency and the passage of time as their positions changed throughout the days and seasons of the year.

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