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Unicorn Horn Natural Black Spiral Wand Pendant Necklace

  • $ 4000

I attached a silver plated cap to a carved black spiral unicorn horn. I added rainbow moonstone beads to the bail, and a silver plated moon and star. This comes with a 24 inch silver plated rope chain. The spiral is made from buffalo horn. The moonstones exhibit blue iridescent flash.

Unicorns have always played an important part in myth and legend with many cultures. The unicorn can symbolize unlimited possibilities and the prospect of success. Association with a unicorn was thought to bring about the realization of your dreams. The unicorn is a symbol of magic and enchantment. It's horn was said to have many magical properties such as the ability to heal sickness and purify poison.

The ancient Greeks originally illustrated unicorns as black. Black unicorns symbolize power and strength. They were thought to have the ability to roam freely without restrictions, and were not bound to any region or location. Because of this, they are associated with freedom and fortune. Their black color represents protection and deflection of negative energy. Encountering a black unicorn in a dream can signify the ability to overcome obstacles to achieve your goals in life.

The wand dates back to prehistoric times. In ancient Egypt magic texts were left in tombs along with a magic wand which enabled the soul to use them. In classical Greco-Roman mythology, the god Hermes/Mercury had a special wand called a caduceus, which was a symbol of power, wisdom and healing. Both Celtic and Germanic cultures used the wand as a symbol of the axis of the Solstices.

Rainbow moonstone strengthens the will and inner convictions. It is good for alignment, spiritual connection, and transformation. It is excellent for strengthening intuition and can open your psychic abilities by connecting you to the universe. It can combine creativity, intellect and wisdom to aid in problem solving. Rainbow moonstone was historically worn as a good luck charm.

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