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Vintage Dragon's Breath Opal Amethyst Dragonfly Pendant

  • $ 3450

I used a vintage dragon's breath opal glass stone and set it inside an antiqued silver bezel setting, and added purple amethyst beads to the bail. A tiny antiqued dragonfly charm completes the design. This comes with a 24 inch silver plated chain.

Dragon's breath opal is a glass stone that was first made in Bohemia in the early 1900's. It was made to resemble a Mexican fire opal and was often called by that name. Dragon's breath opals were made by adding metals to the molten glass to create the opal flash effect. The overall color of the glass is reddish orange to coral rose, with flashes of blue and purple inside the glass, depending on the angle it is viewed from. This blue and purple breath of fire is what gives the stone its name.

Dragonfly symbolism is used in many cultures. Common symbolic meanings include renewal and a positive life force. Dragonflies can represent a sense of self that comes with age and maturity. Also, as a creature of the wind, the dragonfly often represents change and rebirth. Because a dragonfly lives such a short life, it must live its life to the fullest, which is a lesson we each need to learn.

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