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Vintage Gold and Enamel Heart Locket Pendant

  • $ 3500

I started with a vintage gold and black enamel oval photo locket and added a brass filigree stamping, brass heart, and red Swarovski crystals to the front. The photos were inside the locket when I purchased it, but you can replace them with photos of your own. I would guess this is from the 40's or 50's. There are no markings that I can find so I assume it is gold filled or brass.This comes with a 28 inch brass link chain. Other chains are available.

Red is the color associated with the element of fire. The color red can initiate courage, and it adds power and support to your system. It symbolizes life's blood and can represent passion, fire, joy, renewal, and desire. Fire is an element of passion and it can be used to attract a new flame or revive an old one.

The heart is considered to be the center of thought, emotion, and the soul; the very center of one's being. Most religions have used the heart symbol in some form.

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