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Vintage Night Stars Glass Painted Glow in the Dark Pendant

  • $ 3500

I have used a vintage glass optical lens monocle and painted it with a midnight blue background, and tiny stars in glow-in-the dark blue paint. I covered the painting with a clear resin finish. I then added star sitara beads, also called night stars or blue goldstone galaxy beads. This comes with a 24 inch gunmetal curb chain.

I can also do a custom design with your astrological sign constellation. See a Leo here:

Night stars or galaxy stars gemstone is also called Star Sitara or Blue Goldstone. This is a man-made stone first created in the 15th century by alchemists trying to make gold. The blue color is created by combining silica quartz and cobalt at high temperatures.

Night stars is a calming gemstone and can provide composure. It generates a powerful energy and can stabilize emotions. It is a good stone to use for meditation and remote psychic healing.

Some people have the misconception that a man-made stone is less effective than a natural gemstone when used in a metaphysical sense. This isn't really true. Because lab grown or man-made gemstones are made up of the same chemical compounds as most natural occurring gemstones, there is little difference in their mineral properties.


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