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Vintage Silver Propeller Steampunk Jewelry Pendant Necklace

  • $ 3000

I attached an oxidized silver airplane propeller to a black glass disc set inside a silver plated bezel setting. I added a red Swarovski crystal to the propeller and a vintage black and white glass cane bead to the bail. This comes with a 24 inch gunmetal chain.

Caneworking is a glassblowing technique that is used to add intricate patterns and stripes to blown glass objects. Furnace glass uses large decorated canes built up out of smaller canes, encased in clear glass and then extruded to form beads with linear and twisting stripe patterns.

Cane glass beads were first made during the 15th century in Venice and Murano Italy. Most of these beads were made for export to countries in Africa and the Americas. They were used as currency to exchange for goods and services and were often called trade beads. These beads were made using techniques that date back to the Roman Ages.

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