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Vintage Watchworks Blue Moon and Stars Steampunk Pendant

  • $ 3250

I used a small vintage deconstructed watchworks with brass gears, then added a pewter crescent moon, a silver star, a vintage Czech glass blue cabochon, and two smaller moonstone glass cabs. This comes with a 24 inch antiqued silver chain. The winding mechanism is still attached and can move the hands around on the back of the pendant.

The moon and star symbols have also been used together for thousands of years by many different cultures. What better way for ancient people to bring their gods down from the heavens and hold them close to worship and cherish. These bright celestial bodies that stood in the sky night after night represented both consistency and the passage of time as their positions changed throughout the days and seasons of the year.

Combining mechanical items like vintage watch parts with items like crystals is something that I think makes each item stand out, and yet be a part of the whole Steampunk creation. I like the idea of being able to recycle vintage items and turn them into something new. It is recycling in its finest form.

Many of the items I use are in vintage or antique condition and may show a small amount of wear. Although I have tried to eliminate all sharp edges, some of these pieces may still retain edges due to the nature of the objects used in the jewelry such as gears, etc. Wear with care.

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