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Blue Keepsake Bottle Herkimer Diamonds Dragonfly Pendant

Posted by MaryAnn Kay on

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I have taken a faceted blue glass crystal bottle and placed tiny Herkimer diamond crystals inside. I then added a silver dragonfly connector with blue Swarovski crystals, faceted sky blue chalcedony beads, a silver dragonfly charm, and silver spacer beads. This comes on a 24 inch silver chain. The Herkimer diamonds can be removed and you may add your own keepsake items.

Herkimer diamond is the name used for double-terminated quartz crystal gemstones found in Herkimer County, NY. Many of these crystals are extremely clear. Like other record keeper gemstones, Herkimer diamonds are thought to have the ability to hold ancient information that has been stored inside them.

Herkimer diamonds can be used for alignment between a person and their environment, or to create a bond with another person or group. They are thought by some traditions to be the most powerful of the quartz crystals. They are often used in meditation and past life recovery.

Chalcedony is a speaker's stone and is said to encourage reflection and meditation to ensure thoughtful words. It can absorb and dissipate negative energy, and it opens the mind to new ideas. It is considered a stone of peace and is beneficial in promoting harmony in large groups and stressful situations.

Glass bottles have been around for centuries and most experts agree that widespread use began around 1500 Egypt and Mesopotamia. Early glass bottles were also produced by the Phoenicians. Not long after, tales began to appear about spirits living in bottles. Such tales most likely originated from the sounds caused by wind blowing over bottle openings.

With much retelling of the stories, it was soon believed that spirits could be captured inside bottles. This led to the practice of leaving bottles open at night to capture spirits, and when morning came, the spirits would be dispelled by the sun. This belief was carried from Africa to Europe and America, and examples of Spirit Bottle Trees, Gazing Balls, and Witch Balls are still in evidence today. Cobalt blue seems to be one of the more popular colors, perhaps because the element of water is often used in cleansing rituals.

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