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Tourmaline Quartz Carved Butterfly Wing Pendant

Posted by MaryAnn Kay on

A hand carved natural black tourmaline quartz butterfly wing crystal wrapped with silver wire. This comes with a 24 inch silver chain. The quartz has black needles of tourmaline, reddish gold inclusions, and rainbow prisms.

Find it here: Or contact me for your own custom made design:

Tourmaline quartz, which is also known as tourmalinated quartz or tourmalated quartz, is a type of clear quartz with naturally occurring needle-like inclusions of black tourmaline.

Rutile can help with understanding problem solving by stimulating the creative thought process. It is said that it gives a sense of tranquility and order that aids in working out differences between people as well. When combined with quartz, these crystals provide grounding and stability to many situations. Similar to lodolite metaphysically, it is a good stone to use for astral travel and active dreaming.

Black tourmaline or Schorl is considered to be a powerful stone that gives the wearer good fortune and good luck. It is known for its protective and purifying abilities, and it is helpful in clearing away negative energy. Healing practitioners often use these gemstones along with jet, obsidian, and hematite to deflect and repel dark energies. It is also a common belief that black tourmaline becomes charged with magnetic energy when it is rubbed.

Butterflies symbolize rebirth and profound changes of the soul. With each metamorphosis they bring renewed hope for the spirit and transformation of knowledge into new ways of thinking.


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